Visit us in Építészpince Restaurant, which is situated in one of Budapest's most beautiful Palace, in a cellar area with a typical atmosphere! The restaurant of this building, which is almost 150 years old, is the popular and fashionable meeting place of the surroundings. 

Behind the National Museum, beside the Szabó Ervin Library, a gallery is in operation. If you just simply want to enjoy an evening out or you want to have a great meal, or to have a good drink, don't miss the opportunity to come around!


Our restaurant is located in the garden and building of the Almássy Palace, which also operates as the house of architecture. The palace was built at the end of the 1870s, commissioned by Almássy György and according to Gottgeb Antal's plans. After the World War I - II, the state gave the building to the Association of Hungarian Architects.

After the Revolution in 1956, some of our excellent architects had the brilliant idea of creating an Art Club. This way, the Építészpince has become the meeting place of Architects, artists and other intellectuals, which, in the ' 60s " earned" the special attention of the State Security Department.


The walls of the cellar gave space to creation to many artists from the very beginning of the Club. Unfortunately, in the ' 70s all those creations turned into dust due to renovation. Nowadays one can see all those creations only on photos, such as Kondor Béla' s paintings.


Fortunately, Kovács Margit ' s wall ceramic didn't fall prey to the  renovation, and in 2006, when the restaurant was fully renewed from the inside, the ceramic got to its worthy place on the wall.


Nowadays, this restaurant with valuable traditions, besides the various professional events, gives space to family or friend meetings, events and exhibitions as well.